Suede bags are a must, no matter the season

Suede bags are a must, no matter the season


Suede bags are a must, no matter the season…even during the summer.
Traditional colors such as white and beige are also combined with nuances such as orange, turquoise, and sun yellow, ready to give a lively and positive touch to every look.

Summer brings all kinds of outdoor activities, like concerts, festivals, and dining out. It’s a season full of life and colors. What could be a better ally than a suede bag to build the much-loved Coachella Festival-inspired boho style?
Suede is very soft and lightweight, which makes this handbag the perfect Summer companion. 

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to buy one right away, take a look at Selleria Veneta’s variety of different styles and colors.

Choose a chic super capacious hobo bags in a classic silhouette...carrying everything you need from morning to evening.  Make a big fashion statement with an adorable mini bag when you want to travel light.  Select a soft leather fringe handbag showcasing a beautiful boho-style silhouette.  You will certainly not struggle to find one that best suits your style from season to season.


This Summer elevate your style with Selleria Veneta