Shopping for a functional Crossbody bag

Shopping for a functional Crossbody bag

Every season we see designers launching new styles after being inspired by what’s hot on the runway. Spring/Summer 2020 has been different as far as getting the right product to customers. It’s shifted to finding new ways to shop as we practice social distancing and locking down.  Our sense of fashion may have shifted too. We also recognize that while we may have been sheltering in and socially distancing physically, our love for beauty and imagination is still wide open and not contained. 


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We as a whole are more savvy online shoppers; we find our fashion sense with new trends, and often receive alerts when there are sales or promotional pricing.  Selleria Veneta strives to meet these online expectations while also sharing the stories and processes of how our beautiful pieces came to be.

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One of the challenges when it comes to online shopping is the reality of the limitations of online digital shopping experience.  We can read about how a product is constructed or what materials are used, but can’t actually touch and smell that object, or understand an artisan’s abstract creative process for their ideas behind the design and/or the way it connects to our own expectations and needs.


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During this time, the apparent winners seem to be those products that suggest quality, versatility, and practicality for the season we are currently living in. As far as accessories’ trends, we see many customers buying the Crossbody bags in every size and color. The Crossbody is the bag for every occasion with practical functionality, and we are thrilled to provide it in many vibrant naturally-dyed colors from spring and summer foliage and flowers.


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Selleria Veneta has a broad selection in Crossbodies, handmade in Italy by our selected artisans. Have fun choosing your summer color and your new classic style!



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