Why buy "made in Italy" leather Accessories?

Products that are “Made in Italy” carry an aura of exclusivity and luxury. And when it comes to fine leather handbags produced in Italy, this is very true. Italian leather is known for its superior quality and so are the handbags and accessories that are designed and made with exquisite materials. Leather quality and craftsmanship is an art…passed down from generation to generation. It is something you can’t improvise. When you are ready for your next handbag and wish to look your best, the Italian market offers exquisite beauty and functionality.

Why buy an Italian leather handbag?

Italian leather handbags have a rich history in excellent craftsmanship and material. Their finish, designs, cuts, and styles are unique and sophisticated and are made to endure time and fashion-forward styles. The artisan production of leather has been mastered to produce something beautiful in small quantities.  The time and energies to master every single product have been passed down from generation to generation, and this Italian excellence can’t be mass-produced.

Selleria Veneta curates and selects a small group of the finest elite Italian leather artisans and represents some of them exclusively in the US.  Our Italian artisans are experienced and well-established master craftsmen. They have years of experience in producing exclusive Italian leather handbags that are cut, sewed, and finished with sophisticated tools and made by hand. Every collection is unique and made with the best quality leather the market offers. Vibrant colors, unique leather materials, exclusive hardware, beautiful linings…these are the elements that make each handbag a unique masterpiece.

The appeal for profit has fueled the mass production of handbags in the fashion industry, and often lesser grade materials, fabrics and filler material is cleverly used to produce affordable products.  Most countries producing leather handbags on a large scale are not able to offer the finest of leathers and materials on a continual basis, and the sourcing of leathers is often questionable.  Selleria Veneta uses ethically sourced leather that comes from animals not raised specifically for their hides.  In addition, as mass produced outlets strive to grow their bottom line, they offer more affordable options.  As a result, quality and amount of materials and embellishments decrease, and the product is not made to last very long, now having a more diminished shelf life in one’s closet.

Most luxury brands outsource their production to countries where the cost of production is less to maximize their profits and growth. Thus, when you buy a designer bag that is manufactured in China, you are essentially buying a company brand and if the product is embellished with their logo, promoting their brand.  Among luxury consumers, many are opting to have a more discreet representation or subtle representation of a company’s logo.  Consumers want to be one in a million not one of a million.  When you purchase an Italian handbag from the country itself or through an authorized Italian store, you are buying a piece of an ethically produced handbag that has been handcrafted for the true experience and with your purchase, you keep the Italian craftsmanship tradition alive.

Italian handbags, just like French perfumes have created an elusive sophistication and charm about them. Anyone with a great sense of fashion can tell you what it means to own a piece of Italian culture…it is a piece of art that you will cherish for years to come.  And you can proudly pass these beauties on to the next generation since they are created to last a lifetime.