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“Authenticity is the most sublime form of luxury.”

Biagini is one of those traditional craftsmanship brands that has managed to easily reinvent itself without losing any authenticity. Established in 1968, it’s a real family project where everyone has a part: founder Alberto Amidei oversees production, his wife Enza is on the quality control, and the three children Elisa, Valentina and Luca are respectively in charge of business management and product development for women and men. The brand is rooted in the leather artisanal tradition, still conducting the same thorough research of materials, which are locally sourced and specifically hand-painted according to the brand’s designs. Alongside the respect of heritage, the brand carries a truly contemporary creative soul: they play with geometries, such as the iconic wave-inspired curved lines; they experiment with textures, whether it’s soft pleated Nappa or raw canvas; and they have fun with colors, exploring a palette of neutral tones and shades.

"Sometimes words are not enough;
it is then that colors, shapes, materials are needed."


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Orange Kent Satchel bag mid compartment
Orange Satchel Kent bag light weight and classic design
Satchel Kent Bag
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Slim Cream tote bicolor
Slim tote in cream adjustable shoulder strap
Cream Tote Slim Bag Aria
Cream Nadia Large Tote Bag Selleria Veneta
Black Nadia Large Tote Bag Selleria Veneta
Nadia Large Tote Bag
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Large Unisex Tote Bag Sand double handles
Large Unisex Tote Bag Sand double handles
Large Unisex Tote Bag Sand
Kent tote bag black double handles
Rose Kent tote bag unique metal clasp
Large Tote Kent