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Authenticity as being passionately committed to an ancient and yet so contemporary profession. Authenticity is the ability of remaining true to oneself and maintaining a characteristic artistic flair and philosophic attitude despite the continuous changes in fashions. 

“Authenticity is the most sublime form of luxury”


Biagini express authenticity by choosing only raw materials that are by nature unique and unequaled; Authenticity comes from 50 years of tradition and growth.

All collections are originated from the research and the travels of Valentina, who possesses a ceaseless curiosity for new shape solutions, modern blending and innovative techniques, and the expertise of their father, Alberto, acquired in the last four decades working this profession.
The brand philosophy is based on authenticity, on true passion for an ancient and current craft. Originality is staying true to themselves, having their own creative soul and philosophy, regardless by fashions and by time.
Authenticity is in the materials, which by their nature are unique and unrepeatable: authenticity like fifty years of tradition and evolution.

"Sometimes words are not enough; it is then that colors, shapes, materials are needed."


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