"Sensations, memories, images, impressions evoked by art or by nature: whenever something strikes me the idea of a new creation is born."
Fulvia Notari

It’s like a game. And when I really get into it, I can finally see a grape for what it is and capture its natural beauty. I can savor it and smell it. And I can picture it as a grape necklace. Then I can expand on it, turn it into a work of art, and polish the ornament’s design.
That’s how I sow the seeds – and then they grow. I draw and work on paper. I think about the colors, the matches, the materials. One thing follows another, as Munari used to teach. I compare the first drafts; I streamline my idea and the final shape becomes clearer and clearer.
Like a sculpture. A wearing sculptures.

The master blowers

Like a breath of life, the breath of Murano’s craftsmen gives glass shape and color. A few measured moves and an artful blow can turn a glass rod into a pearl.

The blowers’ skill is such that you might not even catch the accuracy and ability concealed in their seemingly simple gestures.

The glass lets itself be modeled by their clever hands – but only for a few minutes. These are precious instants in which the island’s masters create new nuances by combining different colors and molding new shapes, and produce pearls that are blown, hollow, and light. To this day, we employ the same processing techniques perfected in Murano over the centuries to make every single bead for our creations.

Every pearl is a story in itself. Every pearl is unique.

Antares Venezia Jewels around the World

From Venice’s Palazzo Grassi to New York’s Art&Craft Museum; along the way, Paris’ Galérie de l’Opéra and other prestigious stores from Sydney to Tokyo: displayed in many parts of the world, Antares Venezia’s wearing sculptures immediately draw the attention of men and women at every latitude and longitude.

Even Elton John, on a visit to Capri, was caught on camera with the purchase of jewels designed by Fulvia Notari.

In the picture, you can just see the Maratea necklace around his friend’s neck. Elton John just purchased the necklace as a gift at the Raku Capri city center boutique.

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