‘Made In Italy" ... Why "Made in Italy is the best in the world?

Since the Middle Ages, Italian leather has been world renowned for its quality and exclusive trend-setting designs. The Veneto region produced luxury goods, hats, handbags using fabrics and materials shipped to the ports of Venice for aristocrats and royal families. Over time the concept of “Made in Italy” became a notable merchandise brand. Tradition, attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials, are some of the reasons why Italian leather products are still considered to be some of the best in the world. The art of working with leather is passed down from generation to generation, from parents to children. Experience, patience, and a love for details are what makes each of their creations a piece of art. This passion is reflected in all our leather products, and something we strive to preserve. By supporting the artisans, we support and treasure a part of Italy.



What sets us apart?
Uncompromising quality


The choice of materials chosen are just as important as the execution. Our leather is full grain fine Italian leather; it’s not sourced from other countries.
Our full grain leather is made from the absolute best raw hides, so they don’t need to be sanded or chemically treated like mass-produced products, which are heavily processed to eliminate imperfections. When full grain leather ages, rather than wearing out or cracking, it beautifies and burnishes to a much sought-after patina, with a beautiful sheen.

Ethically sourced leather and materials

Selleria Veneta uses ethically sourced leather that comes from animals not raised specifically for their hides. The appeal for profit has fueled the mass production of handbags in the fashion industry, and often lesser grade materials and filler is cleverly used to produce affordable products. Most countries producing leather handbags on a large scale aren’t able to offer fine leather and materials on a continual basis, and the sourcing of leathers is often questionable. Generally, the quality and amount of materials and embellishments decrease. The product is not made to last very long resulting in a diminished shelf life in one’s closet.


One-of-a-kind creations

Mass production has entered practically every arena of our lives…from food to jewelry, clothing, cars, and handbags. It requires more effort to discover something exclusive and beautiful that has a degree of rarity, unlike a mass-produced item. With its uniform concept of beauty and ease of purchasing, mass-produced items are often an easy road to take.
But there is something exhilarating about celebrating the beauty of exclusive design and art that goes against the grain and stands out. When you’re ready to step into true Italian luxury, Selleria Veneta offers a select group of Italian creations that are impeccably made.

One in a million…not one of a million

Most luxury brands outsource their production to countries to maximize their profits and growth. When you buy a designer bag that is manufactured in Asia, you are essentially buying a company brand and if the product is embellished with their logo, promoting their brand. Among luxury consumers, many are opting to have a more discreet or subtle representation of a company’s logo. Consumers want to be one in a million not one of a million. When you purchase an Italian handbag through an authorized Italian store, you are buying an ethically produced handbag while keeping the Italian craftsmanship tradition alive.

Italian Cashmere


Italian cashmere is known for its softness, durability, natural glow, and luxurious character.

Where cashmere comes from matters. Typically, Italy, Scotland, China, and parts of Mongolia raise goats for producing quality cashmere. ‍



The extraordinary properties of lightness, softness, and temperature adjustment - with a natural insulating (power of up to 10 higher than wool), make cashmere perfect for any season.

These are many of the reasons that Selleria Veneta selects Italian made cashmere products.



Italian Clothing ~ Opificio Neirami


Our clothing line is designed and made in Italy with organic and regenerative fabrics. It’s sustainable fashion and comfortable creations for a fashion-forward look that feels so good and is fun to wear. Comfortable, unconventional, and flexible fits give freedom to move. 

“Opificio Neirami is based in Bologna, in a suburban area called “Pontevecchio”. A working place but also the ideal extension of our home, of our living room …., where we can meet friends, artists and exchange ideas, projects, and inspirations with all of them. We are essentially artisans, we continuously use our hands in touching fabrics, iron, wood, or paint; we go through our manual work to try new forms and shapes and give birth to a unique piece of artwork.”