Selleria Veneta selected Artisans combine the values of tradition and experience with the courage of innovation.
Our mission is to preserve the excellence that Italian Artisans have been passed down for generation to generation. 

With our team of skilled craftsmen, we select and propose products of outstanding quality and value.

"The passion for our business tied to craftmanship and
love for luxury."


Beginning his career at the tender age of 14, Roberto Mantellassi developed his passion working alongside established artisans to perfect his capabilities. He established his company, Roberto Mantellassi, in 1999 in the charming small town of Cerreto Guidi near Florence.

Beginning with keyrings then branching out into other accessories like bracelets. 


Quarzovivo is an Artisan Company specialized in creating high-quality handbags. It is a reality born in a land rich in history and rural culture. It is a family-run business with decades of experience and a cosmopolitan look at the contemporary world.

"Art is the emotion that less forever"


Authenticity as being passionately committed to an ancient and yet so contemporary profession. Authenticity is the ability of remaining true to oneself and maintaining a characteristic artistic flair and philosophic attitude despite the continuous changes in fashions. 

Authenticity is the most sublime form of luxury”

Wbest express authenticity by choosing only raw materials that are by nature unique and unequaled; Authenticity comes from 50 years of tradition and growth. Our collections are originated from the research and the travels of Valentina, whom possesses a ceaseless curiosity for new shape solutions, modern blendings and innovative techniques, and the expertise of her father, Alberto, acquired in the last four decades working this professionas a consequence Silvano Biagini’s workshop operates as theater in which continuous experiments occur, sets of colors and geometries take place and abstract ideas come to life to become tangible realities.

"Sometimes words are not enough; it is then that colors are needed, and shapes, and notes, and emotions." 



 La Veneta Collection is meticulously handcrafted in Venice, Italy by a selected group of Master Craftsmen's.  

Each of their designs is created with high-quality Italian leathers naturally dyed to ensure they last through time.  La Veneta is inspired by working man and women that go through every day frenetic life. Perfectly designed to combine functionality and quality


Luca Giardini is a Master leather Artisan. He utilizes the oldest leatherworking traditions passed on through generations and he combines them with innovative design and aesthetics. His attention to every detail at each step unfolds a unique creation.

All Luca creations  are made by hand. He incorporates beauty and tradition in each of his pieces, with passion and love.