Selleria Veneta mission is to give accessibility to made in Italy heritage, knowledge, and products to passionate customers that will
value tradition and craftsmanship. 
We work every day to create long term relationships
based on deep human values.
We are committed to bringing you luxurious Italian leather goods that will stand the test of time both in style and durability.
All of our products are finely crafted by hand in Italy, with fine natural dyed leathers, in limited quantities, by elite and passionate Artisans.
The high-quality craftsmanship of made in Italy products is a result of attention to detail, passion, Knowledge, and Heritage transmitted from generation to generation. The right balance between tradition and innovation are the key element in the evolution of success.
Think of us as your personal shopper, bringing you the most exclusive and luxurious bags and accessories from Italy. Our concept is to empower our clients, to express themselves and become fashionable trendsetters.
By adding a Selleria Veneta accessory to your collection, you can customize your look and create your own luxurious Italian story.

Selleria Veneta selected lines of products are Handmade in Italy, are eco-sensitive and are made following a certification and traceability program concerning sustainability, animal welfare and the environmental impact of production processes. All the work is done strictly by hand, so it can have small imperfections that constitute value and uniqueness. Our Artisans create products in precious leathers, fabrics and exotic materials with a refined design and high aesthetic knowledge, combining tradition and innovation, constancy and passion typical of the best "made in Italy". 
The leather used is odorless and tanned according to the highest dyeing standards to avoid bad odors and toxicity.

"Strong connection with their own roots, and territories, with their own history and tradition. 
This sense of belonging is a distinctive element that comes to light in a quality product."

Selleria Veneta Showrooms:


96 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook IL 60523
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