The "Diva Atelier" presents a selection of unique atelier creations by Biagini.

The bags are handmade in Modena, the handles are enameled solid brass, created by an Italian Artist, and made by casting process to guarantee high strength and lightness. These beautiful Creations are authentic Italian Works of Art.

The iconic “Diva Atelier” is designed for an elegant woman looking for a unique accessory.
Biagini products are of high craftsmanship made in Italy, are eco-sensitive, and are made following a certification and traceability program concerning sustainability, animal welfare, and the environmental impact of production processes. All the work is done strictly by hand, so it can have small imperfections that constitute value and uniqueness. Silvano Biagini creates products in precious leathers, fabrics, and exotic materials with a refined design and high aesthetic knowledge, combining tradition and innovation, constancy and passion typical of the best made in Italy. 
The leather used is odorless and tanned according to the highest dyeing standards to avoid bad odors and toxicity.

9 products found in THE DIVA ATELIER

Pink Leopard Bag Specialty handle finished with Swarovski crystal.
Pink Leopard Bag - Specialty Handle Bag
  • $2,250.00
light bronze/brown chihuahua handle bag small
Chihuahua Bag - Specialty Handle Small
  • $2,250.00
Star Fish Bag - Specialty Handle Small one of a kind  - Selleria Veneta
Star Fish Bag - Specialty Handle Small
  • $1,625.00

Sold out

Chagall Python leather top metal handle bee finished with Swarovski crystals
Bee Bag - Specialty Handle Medium
  • $2,795.00
Light Blue Parrot Bag - Metal brass handle hand lacquer. One of a Kind  - Selleria Veneta
Parrot Bag - Specialty Handle Medium
  • $2,495.00
silver cat metal handle bag python leather
Cat Bag - Specialty Handle Medium
  • $2,495.00
Tiger Bag - Specialty Handle Medium - Python leather one of a kind - Selleria Veneta
Tiger Bag - Specialty Handle Medium
  • $2,495.00
Zebra Bag - Specialty Handle Large - Python - One of a Kind
Zebra Bag - Specialty Handle Large
  • $2,550.00
bull terrier bag metal handle black & white
White Bull Terrier Bag - Specialty Handle Small
  • $1,625.00