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Explorer Marco Polo was born in 1254 into a prosperous merchant family
in the Italian city-state of Venice.
He first set out at age of 17 with his father and uncle, traveling overland along what later became known as the Silk Road across Asia. In the 13th century, 
Marco Polo was among the first to trade “common” leathers for exotic skins – alligator, python, crocodile. He was fascinated with this exceptional new leather that was strong and carried an element of surprise regarding the scale and irregularity of their natural variations.

Selleria Veneta is proud to present some of the most skilled Italian artisans, like Silvano Biagini. Artisans who create world-renowned leather goods with a “customization atelier” inspired by the old Veneto tradition of unique design and outstanding quality. This new collection includes exotic leather goods such as men's and women's bags, smaller accessories, and luggage.

After choosing the piece of your heart’s desire, enjoy the bespoke service and customize the bag to your liking. Choose that timeless piece that will accompany you on your transformative voyages in life.

Silvano Biagini products are of high craftsmanship made in Italy, are eco-sensitive, and are made following a certification and traceability program concerning sustainability, animal welfare, and the environmental impact of production processes. All the work is done strictly by hand, so it can have small imperfections that constitute value and uniqueness. Silvano Biagini creates products in precious leathers, fabrics, and exotic materials with a refined design and high aesthetic knowledge, combining tradition and innovation, constancy and passion typical of the best made in Italy. 
The leather used is odorless and tanned according to the highest dyeing standards to avoid bad odors and toxicity.

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