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SVB412L Signature Collection -  Liberta' money clip 6CC - Selleria Veneta
Money Clip 6CC Liberta'
  • $135.00
Magnetic bicolor money clip with CC pouch
Magnetic Bicolor Money Clip
  • $155.00
Black Wallet 2CC coin purse and clasp
Wallet 2CC coin purse with clasp
  • $165.00
Cognac Wallet 6CC Embossed leather double billfold - Selleria Veneta
Wallet 6CC Embossed leather
  • $175.00
SVB2060L Signature Collection Liberta' - wallet 6CC embossed leather - Selleria Veneta
Wallet 6CC Liberta'
  • $175.00
black wallet 6cc double billfold
Wallet Classic 6CC calf leather
  • $175.00
Black wallet 6cc Patin leather double billfold
Wallet 6CC Patin leather
  • $205.00
Cognac wallet 4CC Patin leather double billfold
Wallet 4CC Patin leather
  • $225.00
Navy wallet 8cc double billfold signature collection
Wallet 8CC Embossed leather
  • $185.00
Navy wallet 8cc double billfold deerskin
Wallet Classic 8CC Deerskin
  • $225.00
Black Multicolor 8CC wallet zip coin purse
Multicolor 8CC Wallet
  • $185.00

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Brown wallet 8CC Patin double billfold
Wallet 8CC Patin
  • $225.00
large 16CC wallet double billfold black
Large Wallet 16CC Embossed leather
  • $225.00
Long Bicolor 13CC wallet moose leather
Long Bicolor Wallet 13CC
  • $275.00
Black Zip Travel Wallet soft leather - 8CC card pockets - Selleria Veneta
Zip Travel Wallet
  • $375.00
Belt Classic Gloss Finish Steel Buckle  selleria veneta
Belt Classic Gloss Finish
  • $145.00
Belt Classic Matt Finish soft calf leather Steel buckle Selleria Veneta
Belt Classic Matt Finish
  • $145.00
Taupe Belt Casual Suede Steel Buckle
Belt Casual Suede
  • $145.00