Diamonds are forever... and a crocodile bag is for a lifetime!

Diamonds are forever ...

and a crocodile bag is for a lifetime!

Featured: 'Davina' crocodile handbag by Silvano Biagini

“You might assess exotic leathers in the same way as fine jewelry, where the precious nature of the raw materials and skilled hand craftsmanship give the piece an intrinsic value independent of trends.” 
- Simon Longland;
Harrods Fashion Accessories General Merchandise Manager
Traditional luxury leather makers have continued to expand their exotic leather offerings. VIP customers want to experience these products, no matter the cost. 
With this in mind, Selleria Veneta has a new "Black Label" Collection designed and made specifically to respond to a more sophisticated and demanding clientele.

Featured: Crocodile Crossbody by Silvano Biagini

Leather and Python Bracelet by Roberto Mantellassi

Classic designs made to last forever are being combined with the most exclusive exotic leathers. We are presenting exclusive products designed to be a forever investment. Customers can choose colors and personalization like monogramming to make this a unique addition to your wardrobe. Selleria Veneta collaborates with the finest Italian artisans and master craftsmen that for generations excel in the best design and quality. Silvano Biagini is the master behind the Luxury Exotic line, a family tradition for more than half-century specializing in exotic leathers that we are offering to our customers.